Golden Zap EditionFounderTyron
>Soo... still going on or just taking a small break? =P

Not at the moment. Very busy with Work, Reallife and Vintagecraft
10.09.2015 20:59
Golden Zap EditionFounderTyronNow also added support for the Sailboat \o/30.08.2014 14:20
Golden Zap EditionFounderTyronNot possible just yet, but I thought of implementing that via Special 2 key.
Currently you can control the transported vehicle if the transporting vehicle is in idle mode, or does not require the key (e.g. controlthrow with blimps)
27.08.2014 19:36
RPG LibraryFounderTyron
> Wo ich noch unschlüssig bin: globale Funktionen. Wenn sie nur zur Interaktion mit einem Objekt gelten, dann schreibe ich sie in dessen Code. Wenn sie mehrere Objekte betreffen, dann in System.c4g. Gibt es hier ein sinnvolles Vorgehen?

Globale funcs in Objekte halte ich für keine gute Idee. Sowas hätte ich bei bedarf gekapselt in "Unterbibliotheken" und nicht global , z.b.
var particlemanager = FindObject(PAMR);
particlemanager->ShootParticles("blar", 1,2,3);

Es ist eine allgemeine Programmierer-Praxis, immer so wenig wie möglich in den globalen Namespace zu legen.
27.08.2014 12:33
>Ich wunder mich was aus den ganzen tollen Projekten wie Golden Zap Edition geworden ist :C
Nicht sehr aktiv, aber grad vor 4 tagen hab ich eine erste Version des MusicManager eingecheckt:
Teilweise scheitere ich an guten Ideen für Spielziele.
20.08.2014 13:55
Golden Zap EditionFounderTyronYeah I agree that the water is too transparent.

>(in my test case the fishes cost about 1/3 of the performance)
1/3 in comparison to what? The old Fish A.I.? If the new Fish A.I. only requires 33% more CPU Cycles then thats a really good result actually.
In any case, on my half decent (Core i7-3537U @2GHZ, Geforce GTM630) Laptop, I've got 200 Fish swimming in Tropical.c4s and still running at 36-37 FPS which is the upper fps limit I think? That result is just my goal for GZE... use so much CPU/Memory that my Laptop can handle it without notable lag ;-)
23.06.2014 07:40
Golden Zap EditionFounderTyron
>Btw, is your fish AI also acknowledging boats?
Just tested it, looks like they do already (they flee from a wide range of objects) \o/
Sharks currently don't have the new A.I. yet. They of course shouldn't try to escape the player once the AI upgrade is done.
22.06.2014 14:40
Golden Zap EditionFounderTyronYea they look so much more realistic now, they almost look "alive" for me ^^
I will do the same updates for the other animals where possible.

Thanks for the Music Suggestions
10.06.2014 10:20
Golden Zap EditionFounderTyronUnfortunately I'm very very busy with work and private life now, so I haven't had time to work on it too much. I will take vacation in 1-2 months, then perhaps I can work on it some more.

However, on the positive side, I was able to work on it some time today \o/
I've check in a much better AI System for the butterfly and I made one new graphics for it for more diversity.

Butterflies now will:
- Go to sleep on a plant when it gets night
- Most of the time search for flowers and then sit and feed on them, occiasonally flapping their wings
- While flying sometimes rest their wings and just glide in the air
- Otherwise fly around more intelligently than before
- If sleeping or sitting on a flower, they fly away if a player is nearby.

Also Zaps from the tree zap nests now go look for flowers to collect honey, then bringing it back to the nest.

Marky and End were also working on some pretty cool stuff, but I haven't heard any news from them.

[Edit:] There's no release date for the next update yet.
08.06.2014 21:41
Golden Zap EditionFounderTyron
>How about different pieces of music for day and night?

Oh indeed, that would be very nice. Question is only in what direction night music should go. For the day we have sort of relaxing piano music, which is nice for settlement. Perhaps something with bells! Next challenge is where to get them :<
05.05.2014 18:40
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