Author: Clonkasteliks
Team: MajorClonkerAbi
Last changed: 13.02.2013 20:26
Looking for: Scripter,Grafiker,Sound,Betatester,Levelgestalter
Completion: Production/Stable
User niveau: Excellent
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This is going to be the best zombie wars scenario!
I going to put in them as many clases as posible and I will make many diferent zombi wars goals (DM, CTF, and so on)
15.02.2013 10:57, CaptainGecko voted +, Influence 1
This isn't a f***ing joke!

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08.05.2013 12:02 from ColonelCmdr. Adler  
Nowhere. It is not finished. This project page is also not finished.

07.05.2013 14:25 from ClonkJohnyboy2000  
where i can download this ? ^^

17.02.2013 02:21 from MajorClonkerAbi  
looks good :)
The script must be 'rocks' too I think

16.02.2013 10:07 from Clonkasteliks  
No it is new in everything better graphics + goals DM, CTF, Classic zombie wars, Survival + you can in the zombie team

14.02.2013 13:09 from MajorClonkerAbi  
It's based on zombie wars gold beta or other? :) Maybe you could make a flying clonk zombie, it's looks amazing anyway :p

13.02.2013 21:05 from Lieutenant Colonelconstantin  
Good luck^^